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How to audition?

1. Choose Your Song
Select two worship songs that showcase your strengths from the list of songs below. We recommend specific songs for male or female vocalists as indicated above but you can choose any song that fits your vocal range.
We have provided a few different versions of the backing tracks that we use live during our weekend services. You can use these for your audition, just click on the buttons below and .choose the one that is right for you based on your audition. The chord charts for each song are also located below with the tracks.
2. Record Your Audition
Record a video of yourself singing or playing your two selected songs. You can use any device to record yourself, as long as we are able to hear and see you clearly. We are not looking for professionally produced videos but we encourage you to submit your best takes!
You are welcome to record your performance in any key that is comfortable for you. Vocalists, we encourage you to sing the melody but you can switch to harmony at any point to demonstrate your ability. Instrumentalists, please try to be as accurate to the original part as possible – consistency is key.
If you want to audition with multiple instruments, please submit different videos and applications for each one. Exception: vocalists who also play an instrument are welcome to play their instrument while singing.
3. Submit Your Application
Complete the application here. Please include links to your recordings. Most audition videos will be too large to email, so we encourage you to upload them to YouTube. Change the privacy settings to unlisted if you only want us to see them.
Need Help If you have any questions about the audition process, or if you encounter any difficulty submitting your videos, contact [email protected] so that we can assist you.