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We wholeheartedly believe that life change happens in the context of community. As a result, we have prepared an alternative way for groups to meet online.

Meeting online is our recommendation for LexCity Groups as we acknowledge that many are facing legitimate fear and risk. We are excited that this alternative way of meeting still allows people to still engage in biblical conversation and community- right from our own homes.  

How incredible that in 2020, technology has allowed us to “not give up on being and meeting together” (Hebrews 10:25).
The platform we will be using to meet online is called Zoom - a free virtual meeting platform that allows anyone, anywhere to meet online with up to 100 people for 40 minutes. We know that meeting online can create some hurdles, so we have tried our best to create some tutorial videos to support you.

For now, a real alternative to your curriculum is to discuss the sermon from Sunday together. We will be equipping all group leaders with the notes from the sermon and questions to engage.
We are here for any and all questions - don’t hesitate to ask!
-LexCity Groups
We have created the LexCity Zoom Support Center that should help you get started with Zoom, and troubleshoot most technical difficulties you could have. If you run into any problems when using Zoom, that page is a great place to start! We are happy to help with any problems. You can either reach out to your Group Leader or email your question to [email protected].